MathGames New Year!

Fareed Haque -

MathGames New Year Shows

MathGames is taking a few months off from the road to finish up the Studio CD, Mathtronica. Our last all night sessions at IV Labs were rippin'! Thanks to ROLLIN WEARY FOR MAKIN IT ALL SOUND SO FAT. We recorded two new tunes including Greg's first MG tune! We have one last session scheduled for mid January, and plan to record our little acoustic suite - Digital Country and Digital Cowboy, two pieces based on the Fibonacci Series and our tribute to Dr. well as a few other new things... January and February have a few shows in the midwest, especially note Fareed's Birthday show January 28 at Martyr's, with guests Mos 'Scoscious and The Hue! We will also head into the studio to finish up albums by Ann Violet and April Aliosio. Ann is a lyric and melody driven pop singer songwriter. Ms. Aliosio's record is - well - we call it Tantric Bossa Nova...

Online Guitar Lessons

January 9-12, Fareed is heading down to Florida to:
  1. bask in the sun?
  2. hunt for alligators??
  3. eat good food???
  4. record two new courses for TrueFire????
  5. all of the above
If you guessed all of the above...YOU ARE CORRECT!! The two courses will complete the 'Survival Guide' series. We've already had the Jazz Comping Survival Guide. Now its time for the 'Be-Bop Survival Guide' and of course its companion, the 'Modal Jazz Survival Guide.'

News & Notes

After the recording in Florida with TrueFire, its time for more classical music! Fareed returns to Chicago and performs Haydn, Teleman, and Coste with Dempster ProMusica Jan 22 in Evanston, IL. In February, MG starts a residency TBA in Chicago... so keep an eye out for that. We have tons of new music to learn before we are ready for the road again. April hits with B3 master, Tony Monaco! After successful shows at JavaJazz and The Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Fareed, Greg, and Tony will hit with two nights at the Jazz Kitchen and two nights at the Greenmill. Then in May, MathGames heads to Europe for a few guitar festivals. Also, keep an eye out for Fareed Haque and the Flat Earth Ensemble, as well as a reunion with Fareed's mentor, Paquito D'Rivera, in Chile.
Wednesday January 11th, 2012