MathGames! + Ozric Tentacles!

Fareed Haque -
MathGames! hits with famed progressive rockers Ozric Tentacles! A pan dimensional shift is coming your way! Prepare to get your minds and bodies blown as MathGames! and Ozric ROCK a venue near you! Show Dates and Details: Thursday, March 29th - Skyway Theater @ Barfly 711 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN, US Ozric Tentacles + MathGames! Doors open at 8 pm. Must be 18+ to enter. $10 per person. Click here for tickets >> March 30th - The Canopy Club 708 South Goodwin Avenue Urbana, IL 61801 Ozric Tentacles + MathGames! Doors open at 8pm. Must be 18+ to enter. $10 in advance. $12 at the door. Click here for tickets >> About Ozric Tentacles: Ozric Tentacles is a rock band from England, whose music can be described as psychedelic or space rock. Its music is a highly psychedelic mixture of thumping basslines, sound effects and keyboard and guitar work. Many of the OzricsĀ’ songs are in unusual time signatures and/or unusual Eastern-influenced modes. There are also moments of straightforward funk-influenced grooves and strong influences from jazz fusion, dub/reggae and ambient music styles. These features are mixed with electronic elements, including densely layered psytrance- and techno-influenced synthesizers. There is a strong influence from dub and ambient music, with many quiet relaxed tracks that balance the frenetic, intense material. The Ozrics use a wide range of instruments in their performances: electric and acoustic guitars, flutes, recorders, and xylophones.
Tuesday March 13th, 2012